Financial Literacy Month - Asset Protection

April 12, 2022
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So you've prepared for your goals and you believe you are on track for your financial goals. 

That's wonderful. 

What now?

April is Financial Literacy Month. If you haven't put some thought into Asset Protection Strategies, now would be a great time to do that.

What Is Asset Protection?

Asset protection is the adoption of strategies to guard your wealth. Asset protection is a component of financial planning intended to protect your assets from creditor claims.

Individuals and business entities use asset protection techniques to limit creditors' access to certain valuable assets while operating within the bounds of debtor-creditor law.


  • Asset protection refers to strategies used to guard one's wealth from taxation, seizure, or other losses.
  • Asset protection helps insulate assets in a legal manner without engaging in the illegal practices of concealment (hiding of the assets), contempt, fraudulent transfer (as defined in the 1984 Uniform Fraudulent Transfer Act), tax evasion, or bankruptcy fraud.
  • Jointly-held property under the coverage of tenants by entirety can work as a form of asset protection.

It's important to make sure you've taken appropriate steps to protect your assets - for yourself, and for future generations. 

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