J. Andrew Gowdy, MBA, RFC

J. Andrew Gowdy, MBA, RFC

Financial Advisor

I enjoy working with people, regardless their income or background, to help them reach their financial goals and maximize their wealth potential. Let's talk about your financial goals. Schedule a free, 30 minute consultation today. I look forward to working with you!


  • Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Finance ~  University of Arizona Global Campus, Forbes School of Business and Technology (Formerly Ashford University).
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Finance ~ University of Arizona Global Campus, Forbes School of Business and Technology (Formerly Ashford University).


Registered Financial Consultant (RFC)

The Registered Financial Consultant (RFC®) is a professional designation awarded by the IARFC to financial consultants who meet the high standards of education, experience, integrity and ethics.

In a world of constant economic, political, and social change, consumers engage the guidance of financial consultants to achieve financial security and independence.

Having an IARFC designation sets a member above their peers as a qualified and trained professional that has met a high level of competency. 

International Association of Registered Financial  Consultants:  www.IARFC.org

Certified Financial Planning Coach ~ Holistic Coach Academy

Holistic financial planning is a different type of financial planning. Instead of focusing on one specific area, a holistic planner evaluates the entire scope of your  finances in order to make recommendations that make sense not only financially but also personally.

Life goals can include: buying a home, getting out of debt, saving for your child's education, planning for retirement, or leaving a legacy.

Community Involvement:

  • Football Coach - Pennsauken Youth Athletic Association (PYAA) 
  • Volunteer - Food Bank of South Jersey
  • Volunteer - Clean Planet Project
  • Volunteer - Cherry Hill Food Pantry

Why did I become a Financial Advisor? 

As a child, I remember seeing my mother sitting at the dining room table having a conversation with an older gentleman wearing a suit. When I asked my mother what she was doing, she responded, “I am planning for the future.” I had no idea what she was talking about.

Later, my mother sat me down and explained that the gentleman at the table wearing the suit, was a financial advisor. A financial advisor helps you set financial goals and develop a strategy for achieving them. He was there to help my mom make good financial decisions for her and our family. I never forgot that.

As a divorced mother of two kids, running a small business (hair salon) for 45 years and taking care of her elderly mother, all of the responsibility was on my mother. She did not have the luxury of making bad financial decisions.

If my mother had made poor decisions financially, it would have had a domino effect. Her decisions impacted: my sister and I, my grandmother, the employees working at the beauty salon and the tenant who rented the apartment upstairs at the beauty shop.

Because my mother saw the importance of working with a financial professional, my sister and I benefited by having a safe, stable and consistent environment to grow up in.

Becoming a financial advisor was a natural progression for me. I saw the benefit of working with a financial advisor first hand.

Today, many households, small businesses and major corporations are run by: single, divorced and widowed women. There are countless women facing the same stress and carrying the same responsibility that my mother did.

I, too, am a divorced parent of a 16 year old son. I understand the importance of prioritizing, budgeting and planning for the future.

Because of my mom, I am a Financial Advisor; in the business of helping people. In memory of my mother, Nellie R. Gowdy, I have dedicated my practice to helping women: plan, grow and protect their wealth.

I believe that financial planning done well brings clarity to a situation, provides direction, simplicity and offers my clients confidence in their decisions.

My ideal client is a single, divorced or widowed woman, that is the head of the household, who would like or needs Financial Advice / Financial Planning Coaching. 

At Gowdy Financial Group, we help our clients take the stress out of money. Let us help you.

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